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Common problems with electronic cigarettes

Solution to problems with electronic cigarettes

Table of Contents:

Why does the liquid come out of my electronic cigarette?
Why do you know how to burn my electronic cigarette?
Why does my electronic cigarette bubble or sizzle when I vapear?

Every vapeador has ever encountered problems with his electronic cigarette, in most cases these small problems have an easy solution. We are going to tell you in this article some solutions to the most frequent problems that usually occur with vapers.


Sometimes when we are going to vape we realize that it loses liquid, either by the mouthpiece, or by any of the slits of our cigar. This can be due to multiple reasons that can be easily avoided in the vast majority of cases. Here you have some of the most common causes for which our electronic cigarette loses liquid and tips to solve it.

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Incorrectly filling the electronic cigarette with e-liquid

One of the most common causes of the liquid coming out of the electronic cigarette is that the vaping user spills the liquid directly through the hollow of the mouthpiece, instead of unscrewing it and making it through the hole that it has for it. In this way, the liquid usually escapes from the bottom of the clearomizer or tank, or through the air regulation slit. Always unscrew the nozzle and pour the liquid through the hole that is free. In case of doubt, follow the instructions that should accompany your electronic cigarette.
Another common reason why liquid leaks out of the tank is that the vaping user fills the tank with too much liquid, above the filling indicator mark. If it fills too much, when introducing the resistance, the liquid overflows or floods the suction tube, leaving it from the bottom. That's why it's always important to fill in as far as indicated by the brand and never exceed it. Another reason may also be that the resistance is not properly tightened or the tank is not properly closed.