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Everything about the TPD Law of the electronic cigarette

How to survive the new law of electronic cigarettes

It has been ten months since the adoption of the TPD (abbreviation of the acronym in English Products Derived from Tobacco) in which announced a series of important changes when marketing different tobacco products, including vaping. Although many of these new standards have surprised both marketers and consumers, we have no choice but to adapt. That is why in this article we will see the main points of this new law, so that you do not ask more than one question at the time of going to buy.
Goodbye to the E-liquids of more than 10ml!

Now E-liquids with nicotine of more than 10 ml can no longer be sold. On the other hand, they can not exceed a concentration of more than 20 mg of nicotine. But do not worry, they will continue to sell E-liquids of more than 10 ml without nicotine, so you can continue buying your cans the size of always and add you the desired nicotine with the nico-kits. If you do not know what the nico-kits are, read on ...
Goodbye to DIY bases with nicotine!

The bases with nicotine were not going to be less and is that now they can not be commercialized either. But that does not mean that you can no longer make your own nicotine liquids. As with the E-liquids will continue to sell bases without nicotine that you can use together with the nico-kits to create your own liquids with nicotine as up to now.
Change in Atomizers

The atomizers have also had to conform to this new law. Sprayers with a capacity greater than 2ml can no longer be sold. That's why brands are changing and developing new 2ml capacity atomizers. The resistance and the performance of the atomizers are still the same, the quantity that the atomizer admits has varied. However, you can always get an extender or a glass with a capacity greater than 2ml.
What are the nico-kits and how to use them?

If you vapeas sure you've seen when buying e-liquids a few bottles of 10 ml of nicotine only. Well, these boats are known as Nicokits and mixed with e-liquids without nicotine, we can obtain liquids with nicotine. And perhaps most important of all, we can add the amount of nicotine we want. If you are going to use nico-kits, you may be interested to know how to mix them or, rather, how much nicotine your e-liquid will have when mixed.
If you use a nicotine 20mg nicotine, for each ml of liquid that you mix with your e-liquid you will get a concentration of 3mg of nicotine per milliliter.

In this table you can see the most common types of mix to get nicotine with your favorite liquids. Buy a 50ml bottle with the flavor you want and 0mg of nicotine and you can add one or several cans of nicokits to achieve the desired final level of nicotine