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Electronic Cigarette for beginners

Electronic Cigarettes for beginners

Welcome to the vapers that are starting in the world of the electronic cigarette. We know that in the beginning, the electronic cigarette can be somewhat cumbersome to use and confusing in some of its maintenance tasks. In this video that we have created especially for you, we are going to indicate some basic recommendations for the use and maintenance of your electronic cigarette.
How to lock and unlock the batteries of your electronic cigarette?

All electronic cigarettes bring a blocking mode in their batteries. This is useful to be able to introduce the electronic cigarette in bags and pockets without being activated by accident unnecessarily consuming liquid, battery and resistance.
Generally, new electronic cigarettes come with batteries blocked, to avoid accidental ignitions during transport. To unlock the battery you must do 5 clicks very closely.
Once you have used the electronic cigarette and want to save it, you can block the battery again by making another 5 clicks in a row. After 5 clicks, usually, the electronic cigarette flashes a few seconds and then it is no longer possible to use it until the battery is unlocked again. If you try to click on your electronic cigarette and it does not respond, you may have your battery in lock mode. Do 5 clicks in a row and you can use it normally.
When should you change the resistances of your electronic cigarette?

The electronic cigarette contains resistances inside, which are responsible for heating the liquid to produce the vapor that we inhale. These resistors are consumable products and have a limited duration. Depending on the model of electronic cigarette, the resistance can last between a few days or even months, in the case of ceramic resistances.
Resistances, with use, accumulate liquid residues internally in their wicks or cotton. As debris accumulates, the resistance will produce less and less steam and, in turn, the drainage of liquid into the interior will be increasingly scarce, and may even result in an aftertaste or burnt taste. If this happens, the time has come to replace them.
To replace it, you should know that there are two types of resistances, the traditional and Bottom coil. The first ones that came onto the market usually have visible wicks or cotton threads and are usually located at the top. To replace them, open the claromizador and unscrew the resistance to be able to screw the new replacement. In this type of resistances it is necessary to extract the remaining liquid or consume everything before changing them.

A second type are Bottom coils, which are usually curled at the base of the clearomizer. To replace them, it is necessary to reverse the claromizer by placing the vacuum nozzle downwards. Once in that position, the liquid is protected from spilling and can replace the resistance by unscrewing it without needing to remove all the liquid from the reservoir.
In general, the Bottom coil resistors better avoid the problems of liquid leakage and also its steam production is superior to the previous ones.