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Are there vested interests behind the ban on online sales of electronic cigarettes?

Will the online sale of the electronic cigarette be banned?

It is not clear yet if the bill that aims to end the online sale of electronic cigarettes in Spain will go ahead or not. Meanwhile many doubts arise about the true intention of this draft. To know the truth, it is usually effective to detect the contradictions, and in the prohibition of online sale of the electronic cigarette there are several.
Contradiction matrix: Drug or tobacco product?

On June 9, 2017, a bill was approved in Spain that regulates and adapts the new European regulations on tobacco and related products ( ). When this new regulation was debated in the European Parliament in 2014 - with the business of the e-cig booming - the first question that arose was: do we regulate it as tobacco products or as a medicine? Would you consider regulating the e-cig as a medication if it were as harmful to your health as they claim?

It was regulated as a tobacco product and now, Spain, contemplates one of the most severe e-cig regulations in Europe. And because? Because it prohibits its online sale, or what is the same: eradicate SMEs from the sector, since 91% of users of electronic cigallo buy online, largely because 60% have no physical store nearby. And ... based on what they do this ban?
Contradiction 1: For reasons of public health?

According to WHO data, tobacco takes 1.2 million lives a year, causes 120 million patients, and worldwide is the disease with more cases of premature death and disability.
Against this, the e-cig, which is not tobacco, is supported by scientific studies contrasted as a viable option to quit smoking and as a product that harms the health much less than tobacco.
What studies are those? There are several, as shown:

A study by the National Health System of the United Kingdom shows that e-cig is 95% less harmful than tobacco and finds no evidence that it incites minors and non-smokers to smoke-or rather, to vape. The study concludes that it could save 6 thousand lives a year and opt for the e-cig to prescribe it as a method to stop smoking. Also in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, France and Italy, vaping is seen as a viable option for smoking cessation and is recommended at the governmental level. In contrast, in Spain, it is even prohibited to advertise it as a method to stop smoking.