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  • Study pretends that the liquid of the electronic cigarette is carcinogenic

    Is the electronic cigarette as harmful as the traditional one?

    That seems to come from the results reported by a study published in the portal "Environmental Science & Technology", which states that, "The aerosols generated with vaporizers contained up to 31 compounds, including nicotine, nicotyrine, formaldehyde, acetaldehyde, glycidol , acrolein, acetol, and diacetyl. Glicidol which is a probable carcinogen not previously identified in the vapor, and acrolein which is a potent irritant. "

    Of course, the information has been collected and reproduced irresponsibly by various virtual and printed media, where the veracity of the report and the published results are taken for granted and no type of analysis is made about them and the way in which that have been obtained.
    What does the report say, is it true what it says?

    Beyond what is stated in the first paragraph of this article, the report explains the reason why the harmful compounds are produced: "These findings suggest that byproducts of thermal degradation are formed during the generation of steam. Glicidol and acrolein are produced mainly by glycerin degradation. Acetol and 2-propen-1-ol were produced mostly from PG, while other compounds (eg, formaldehyde) originated from both. Although the components used for the study are the same as the liquids of electronic cigarettes, no liquids were used directly, so they assume that the liquids of electronic cigarettes would obtain the same results.

    As we will explain later, in a normal use of electronic cigarette liquids, with normal sprayers and with a rational use, the results of the study are biased and erroneous, so that the liquids of the electronic cigarettes DO NOT produce carcinogenic derivatives with their use in electronic cigarette atomizers.

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    How was the study carried out?

    More than checking the existence or absence of harmful substances in the steam produced by electronic cigarettes, the aim of the study seems to be to discover forms, mechanisms and devices that, as a whole, in a forced and extreme way, produce harmful substances for the human health, using electronic cigarettes.

    And to achieve that goal, the participants in the study, submitted the components of the e-liquid to extremely high temperatures that under normal circumstances and with the current atomizers of the market, it is not possible to achieve. Apparently, and according to the study data, components of electronic cigarettes mixed (the worst components of the market) have been used to collect the alarming results they were looking for. That is, they have used old batteries with old atomizers and mixed them, regardless of whether they were designed to be used together.

    Finally, and to finish exposing the un methodical, and not at all scientific way with which the experiment was carried out, let us talk about the "puffs" that a machine made. Each "puff" had a duration of more than 5 seconds, continuously, without stopping and without letting the atomizer rest, something that is not part of what is meant by normal use, nor what the average vapeador needs to vape normally.
    Is the study conclusive?

    No way. On the contrary, due to the reasons that we have exposed, the results of the report only serve to verify that, the subjection of two components of the liquid for vaping - Glycerin and Propylene Glycol - at very high temperatures (temperatures that do not occur while vaping) , with devices of poor quality, predisposed for this to happen and in exceptional circumstances that can hardly be reproduced in reality, propitiates the appearance of 31 toxic chemical compounds.
    Why are we not exposed to these chemical compounds when vaping?

    Because when vaping, the liquid will never reach, nor will it approach the very high temperatures to which it was subjected in the experiment. Consider two things: The first is that, both glycerin and propylene glycol are suitable substances for human consumption, which in fact, are used in various processes of the food industry. And the second is that, in the event that the device raised the temperature of the liquid, up to the levels proposed in the study, we would not spend a first puff, since the steam would cause serious lesions in the mouth and throat, due to at high temperature.
    Because we use devices equipped with batteries, claromizers, coils and chargers suitable and compatible with each other, to avoid malfunction of the device as a whole. In some previous entry, we have referred to the dangers that we are exposed to by not adequately maintaining our

  • First long-term study on electronic cigarettes confirms its safety against tobacco.

    Long-term study on electronic cigarettes.

    There are many positive effects of vaping, especially compared to the consumption of traditional cigarettes. It is true that the results of recent studies seem to contradict, and some support the use of the electronic cigarette while others are detractors. But the main reason for this contradiction is that these studies focus on the effect of vaping on animal and artificial cells and tissues. However, this new study, sponsored by Cancer Research UK, has long observed the effect of smoking and vaping on the human body. And the result shows that vaping has beneficial effects for health, especially in relation to the possibility of suffering from cancer.

    The positive effects of vaping on cancer

    This new study shows the positive effects of vaping through the observation of different groups: a group of cigarette smokers, a group of ex-smokers who now vape, another group of former smokers who now undergo nicotine replacement therapy, and another group of smokers who also vape or use nicotine replacement therapy. During a prolonged period of time, the urine and saliva of the participants were studied in search of chemical substances related to the appearance of cancer. The result was a decrease of 97.5% of these substances in the groups of people who vapean or use nicotine replacement therapy, but do not smoke.

    That is, groups of traditional cigarette smokers were still at high risk of cancer. Meanwhile, vapers and users of nicotine replacement therapy significantly reduced their chances of developing this disease. As said Lion Shahab, one of the scientists participating in the study, the conclusion we can get is that vaping has positive effects on health in relation to cancer or the possibility of suffering it, while smoking traditional cigarettes is still a very practical practice. dangerous in that aspect.

    Other positive effects of vaping

    But there are more beneficial effects of vaping, apart from reducing the risk of cancer. The vapers state that by leaving traditional cigarettes and switching to electronic cigarettes they notice many benefits. They begin to recover the sense of smell, the excess mucus disappears and the cough and discomfort in the throat is reduced. They also notice how their respiratory capacity increases, as they stop suffering from insufficiencies and shortness of breath, and even decrease erectile dysfunction.

    Cancer is not the only danger of traditional cigarettes. It is true that more studies are needed on other aspects of smoking and vaping. Some of them should focus on whether there are positive effects of vaping in relation to respiratory diseases or hypertension. We already know that cigarettes cause serious disorders in the mouth, gums, esophagus and even the stomach. These future studies could advance in the field of the prevention of heart attacks, laryngitis, pharyngitis and other serious illnesses related to tobacco. While waiting for future scientific studies that highlight all the positive effects of vaping, at the moment we know one of the most important, which is the reduction of the risk of cancer.

  • Are there vested interests behind the ban on online sales of electronic cigarettes?

    Will the online sale of the electronic cigarette be banned?

    It is not clear yet if the bill that aims to end the online sale of electronic cigarettes in Spain will go ahead or not. Meanwhile many doubts arise about the true intention of this draft. To know the truth, it is usually effective to detect the contradictions, and in the prohibition of online sale of the electronic cigarette there are several.
    Contradiction matrix: Drug or tobacco product?

    On June 9, 2017, a bill was approved in Spain that regulates and adapts the new European regulations on tobacco and related products ( ). When this new regulation was debated in the European Parliament in 2014 - with the business of the e-cig booming - the first question that arose was: do we regulate it as tobacco products or as a medicine? Would you consider regulating the e-cig as a medication if it were as harmful to your health as they claim?

    It was regulated as a tobacco product and now, Spain, contemplates one of the most severe e-cig regulations in Europe. And because? Because it prohibits its online sale, or what is the same: eradicate SMEs from the sector, since 91% of users of electronic cigallo buy online, largely because 60% have no physical store nearby. And ... based on what they do this ban?
    Contradiction 1: For reasons of public health?

    According to WHO data, tobacco takes 1.2 million lives a year, causes 120 million patients, and worldwide is the disease with more cases of premature death and disability.
    Against this, the e-cig, which is not tobacco, is supported by scientific studies contrasted as a viable option to quit smoking and as a product that harms the health much less than tobacco.
    What studies are those? There are several, as shown:

    A study by the National Health System of the United Kingdom shows that e-cig is 95% less harmful than tobacco and finds no evidence that it incites minors and non-smokers to smoke-or rather, to vape. The study concludes that it could save 6 thousand lives a year and opt for the e-cig to prescribe it as a method to stop smoking. Also in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, France and Italy, vaping is seen as a viable option for smoking cessation and is recommended at the governmental level. In contrast, in Spain, it is even prohibited to advertise it as a method to stop smoking.

  • Electronic Cigarette for beginners

    Electronic Cigarettes for beginners

    Welcome to the vapers that are starting in the world of the electronic cigarette. We know that in the beginning, the electronic cigarette can be somewhat cumbersome to use and confusing in some of its maintenance tasks. In this video that we have created especially for you, we are going to indicate some basic recommendations for the use and maintenance of your electronic cigarette.
    How to lock and unlock the batteries of your electronic cigarette?

    All electronic cigarettes bring a blocking mode in their batteries. This is useful to be able to introduce the electronic cigarette in bags and pockets without being activated by accident unnecessarily consuming liquid, battery and resistance.
    Generally, new electronic cigarettes come with batteries blocked, to avoid accidental ignitions during transport. To unlock the battery you must do 5 clicks very closely.
    Once you have used the electronic cigarette and want to save it, you can block the battery again by making another 5 clicks in a row. After 5 clicks, usually, the electronic cigarette flashes a few seconds and then it is no longer possible to use it until the battery is unlocked again. If you try to click on your electronic cigarette and it does not respond, you may have your battery in lock mode. Do 5 clicks in a row and you can use it normally.
    When should you change the resistances of your electronic cigarette?

    The electronic cigarette contains resistances inside, which are responsible for heating the liquid to produce the vapor that we inhale. These resistors are consumable products and have a limited duration. Depending on the model of electronic cigarette, the resistance can last between a few days or even months, in the case of ceramic resistances.
    Resistances, with use, accumulate liquid residues internally in their wicks or cotton. As debris accumulates, the resistance will produce less and less steam and, in turn, the drainage of liquid into the interior will be increasingly scarce, and may even result in an aftertaste or burnt taste. If this happens, the time has come to replace them.
    To replace it, you should know that there are two types of resistances, the traditional and Bottom coil. The first ones that came onto the market usually have visible wicks or cotton threads and are usually located at the top. To replace them, open the claromizador and unscrew the resistance to be able to screw the new replacement. In this type of resistances it is necessary to extract the remaining liquid or consume everything before changing them.

    A second type are Bottom coils, which are usually curled at the base of the clearomizer. To replace them, it is necessary to reverse the claromizer by placing the vacuum nozzle downwards. Once in that position, the liquid is protected from spilling and can replace the resistance by unscrewing it without needing to remove all the liquid from the reservoir.
    In general, the Bottom coil resistors better avoid the problems of liquid leakage and also its steam production is superior to the previous ones.

  • Common problems with electronic cigarettes

    Solution to problems with electronic cigarettes

    Table of Contents:

    Why does the liquid come out of my electronic cigarette?
    Why do you know how to burn my electronic cigarette?
    Why does my electronic cigarette bubble or sizzle when I vapear?

    Every vapeador has ever encountered problems with his electronic cigarette, in most cases these small problems have an easy solution. We are going to tell you in this article some solutions to the most frequent problems that usually occur with vapers.


    Sometimes when we are going to vape we realize that it loses liquid, either by the mouthpiece, or by any of the slits of our cigar. This can be due to multiple reasons that can be easily avoided in the vast majority of cases. Here you have some of the most common causes for which our electronic cigarette loses liquid and tips to solve it.

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    Incorrectly filling the electronic cigarette with e-liquid

    One of the most common causes of the liquid coming out of the electronic cigarette is that the vaping user spills the liquid directly through the hollow of the mouthpiece, instead of unscrewing it and making it through the hole that it has for it. In this way, the liquid usually escapes from the bottom of the clearomizer or tank, or through the air regulation slit. Always unscrew the nozzle and pour the liquid through the hole that is free. In case of doubt, follow the instructions that should accompany your electronic cigarette.
    Another common reason why liquid leaks out of the tank is that the vaping user fills the tank with too much liquid, above the filling indicator mark. If it fills too much, when introducing the resistance, the liquid overflows or floods the suction tube, leaving it from the bottom. That's why it's always important to fill in as far as indicated by the brand and never exceed it. Another reason may also be that the resistance is not properly tightened or the tank is not properly closed.

  • Everything about the TPD Law of the electronic cigarette

    How to survive the new law of electronic cigarettes

    It has been ten months since the adoption of the TPD (abbreviation of the acronym in English Products Derived from Tobacco) in which announced a series of important changes when marketing different tobacco products, including vaping. Although many of these new standards have surprised both marketers and consumers, we have no choice but to adapt. That is why in this article we will see the main points of this new law, so that you do not ask more than one question at the time of going to buy.
    Goodbye to the E-liquids of more than 10ml!

    Now E-liquids with nicotine of more than 10 ml can no longer be sold. On the other hand, they can not exceed a concentration of more than 20 mg of nicotine. But do not worry, they will continue to sell E-liquids of more than 10 ml without nicotine, so you can continue buying your cans the size of always and add you the desired nicotine with the nico-kits. If you do not know what the nico-kits are, read on ...
    Goodbye to DIY bases with nicotine!

    The bases with nicotine were not going to be less and is that now they can not be commercialized either. But that does not mean that you can no longer make your own nicotine liquids. As with the E-liquids will continue to sell bases without nicotine that you can use together with the nico-kits to create your own liquids with nicotine as up to now.
    Change in Atomizers

    The atomizers have also had to conform to this new law. Sprayers with a capacity greater than 2ml can no longer be sold. That's why brands are changing and developing new 2ml capacity atomizers. The resistance and the performance of the atomizers are still the same, the quantity that the atomizer admits has varied. However, you can always get an extender or a glass with a capacity greater than 2ml.
    What are the nico-kits and how to use them?

    If you vapeas sure you've seen when buying e-liquids a few bottles of 10 ml of nicotine only. Well, these boats are known as Nicokits and mixed with e-liquids without nicotine, we can obtain liquids with nicotine. And perhaps most important of all, we can add the amount of nicotine we want. If you are going to use nico-kits, you may be interested to know how to mix them or, rather, how much nicotine your e-liquid will have when mixed.
    If you use a nicotine 20mg nicotine, for each ml of liquid that you mix with your e-liquid you will get a concentration of 3mg of nicotine per milliliter.

    In this table you can see the most common types of mix to get nicotine with your favorite liquids. Buy a 50ml bottle with the flavor you want and 0mg of nicotine and you can add one or several cans of nicokits to achieve the desired final level of nicotine

  • Keep the steam for 3 to 5 seconds when smoke an e cigarette

    Once you have kept the steam in your mouth for 3 to 5 seconds, you can inhale it into your lungs. Then you can exhale slowly through your nose or mouth.

    Unlike traditional cigarettes, the nicotine of the electronic cigarette can be absorbed into your body through the mucous membranes of the mouth, as well as your lungs and nose.

  • Keep in mind the difference between smoking a cigarette and smoking an electronic cigarette

    If you normally smoke traditional cigarettes, you may be able to make quick, short beeps and smoke several cigarettes at the same time or smoke continuously. When you smoke an electronic cigarette, it is important that you learn how to make long, slow whistles until the steam fills your mouth. You should also avoid continuously smoking an electronic cigarette. Just do almost three to seven puffs at once and take a break. This will give a few minutes for the electronic cigarette to cool down and give your throat a rest.

    Smoking too much of the electronic cigarette on one occasion or smoking the electronic cigarette for a long time can cause pain and irritation of the throat, as well as wear of the taste buds (which is also known as having "vapeador tongue"). Give a break to your throat and mouth between sessions of electronic cigarettes so that you do not develop any irritation or numbness after smoking.

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