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First long-term study on electronic cigarettes confirms its safety against tobacco.

Long-term study on electronic cigarettes.

There are many positive effects of vaping, especially compared to the consumption of traditional cigarettes. It is true that the results of recent studies seem to contradict, and some support the use of the electronic cigarette while others are detractors. But the main reason for this contradiction is that these studies focus on the effect of vaping on animal and artificial cells and tissues. However, this new study, sponsored by Cancer Research UK, has long observed the effect of smoking and vaping on the human body. And the result shows that vaping has beneficial effects for health, especially in relation to the possibility of suffering from cancer.

The positive effects of vaping on cancer

This new study shows the positive effects of vaping through the observation of different groups: a group of cigarette smokers, a group of ex-smokers who now vape, another group of former smokers who now undergo nicotine replacement therapy, and another group of smokers who also vape or use nicotine replacement therapy. During a prolonged period of time, the urine and saliva of the participants were studied in search of chemical substances related to the appearance of cancer. The result was a decrease of 97.5% of these substances in the groups of people who vapean or use nicotine replacement therapy, but do not smoke.

That is, groups of traditional cigarette smokers were still at high risk of cancer. Meanwhile, vapers and users of nicotine replacement therapy significantly reduced their chances of developing this disease. As said Lion Shahab, one of the scientists participating in the study, the conclusion we can get is that vaping has positive effects on health in relation to cancer or the possibility of suffering it, while smoking traditional cigarettes is still a very practical practice. dangerous in that aspect.

Other positive effects of vaping

But there are more beneficial effects of vaping, apart from reducing the risk of cancer. The vapers state that by leaving traditional cigarettes and switching to electronic cigarettes they notice many benefits. They begin to recover the sense of smell, the excess mucus disappears and the cough and discomfort in the throat is reduced. They also notice how their respiratory capacity increases, as they stop suffering from insufficiencies and shortness of breath, and even decrease erectile dysfunction.

Cancer is not the only danger of traditional cigarettes. It is true that more studies are needed on other aspects of smoking and vaping. Some of them should focus on whether there are positive effects of vaping in relation to respiratory diseases or hypertension. We already know that cigarettes cause serious disorders in the mouth, gums, esophagus and even the stomach. These future studies could advance in the field of the prevention of heart attacks, laryngitis, pharyngitis and other serious illnesses related to tobacco. While waiting for future scientific studies that highlight all the positive effects of vaping, at the moment we know one of the most important, which is the reduction of the risk of cancer.